Op-Ed: The Democrats' Kamala Harris conundrum

The Center Square
The Center Square
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“In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.” – Laurence J. Peter. When our Constitution was drafted, the presidential candidate who finished second became vice president. But in 1796, when candidates from opposing parties were elected, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, it was obvious that this...

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Big Bad Johnny

forgive me if I'm wrong. when the president of the United States give vice president Harris one job to cover the border situation and that situation is gone havoc for all the illegals coming into the US. we have laws governing people coming into our country and she's not doing her job shouldn't she be fired for in competency. instead of traveling the world and laughing about everything she's a disgrace along with her dictator president. I hope you Democrats have voted for these two are really proud of what we have nowadays a shi*hole

Antonio Trejo

I was a Democrat party plan , she knew it didn't matter , only went on trips , to waste money .... As you can see They are giving the illegals amnesty. So they can vote Democrat... it was done when Trump lost cause the mail ins were from amnesty workers who worked in 🇺🇸 USA ... We need to stop the.practice.


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