VIDEO: Horse Goes Into Full Attack Mode & Violently Mauls Its Trainer

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I grew up around horses. My family had as many as four at one time (and a donkey), and as anybody that has spent a lot of time around horses knows, they require a ton of time and energy.

Horses, much like people, have all kinds of personalities. Some are mild-mannered and calm, some are high-strung and jumpy… some are sweet and some are downright mean. Obviously, there’s a lot of different factors that can contribute the personality of the horse… how they were raised, trained, how much attention they get, etc…

I’ve seen my fair share of asshole horses. I’ve been bit, kicked at, thrown off, and charged by angry horses, but I’ve never seen a horse go into full blown attack mode like the one captured here on video.

We don’t have a lot of context other than the man being ragdolled by this horse is the trainer, but my God, what a scene.

He gets railroaded into the frame and it’s just all downhill from there. He’s bitten repeatedly, thrashed about, stomped on… it’s most violent behavior I’ve ever seen from a horse, and I’m not alone.

Here’s some of the comments from other horse people:

“I’ve been around horses my whole life and have never seen anything like this. Would love to know the back story. Clearly a well cared for animal, has its tail bagged.”

“My family raises, trains, and races standardbred racehorses. We once had a horse like this. He was pure evil. My grandfather, who was a famous trainer, called him the meanest horse he’d ever seen. He would knock you down, get his knees on your chest, and bite at your face.”

“Holy mother fucking shit. I have been around horses for 40+ years and never seen such a thing. WTF did that guy do to that horse to make it so aggressive?”

“I have seen horses kick people, I’ve seen a horse nip at them, I have seen them spit at them, I have never seen anything like that in my life. How someone pissed a horse off that bad is beyond me.”

“But I’ve never seen a horse behave like that. Looked like a proper predator the way it was moving.”

“Dude. I’ve been around horses daily my entire life, and I can say with confidence that I have never ever seen one do something like that to a person.”

Like I said, never seen anything like it…

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Charlotte Krantz

Decades of being around horses - generations of horse people also - and I have never known of something like this to happen. Ever. Even with rescues that we have gotten have they ever behaved like this. Where is the footage prior?


Omg that animal was enraged! I have to ask what, if anything the trainer did or if this horse was just mean. Then again if it was known to be vicious I would hope that the trainer would have taken precautions.

1st amendment only

I bet he was abused by this trainor teaching he's the boss. alot of them are mean trainers. and I don't believe in that. I'm kind to all my animals and there wonderful. I had some i could see had anger in them but I never brought it our of them.


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