Reggaeton Star Karol G Okay But Sore After Massive Fall During Performance – Video


Colombian singer Karol G is sore all over but basically okay after suffering a long fall on a stage staircase.

Performing on Friday at the FTX Arena in Miami , the Colombian reggaeton star started to descend a long staircase at the start of a song. But as the footage shows, she missed a step and went tumbling down.

Fortunately, she quickly recovered, and the crowd cheered as she arose from the bottom of the stairs and continued on.

“All my nails broke, I think my knee broke. Everything hurts,” she told the crowd in Spanish later in the show. “After having filled this arena for the first time in my life… I wanted it to be perfect,” she added.

Carolina Giraldo Navarro is a 30-year-old singer. She won the Latin Grammy Award for best New Artist in 2018 and has been nominated for several Billboard Latin Music awards.

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Michelle Taylor

Saw the video on TMZ & her singing continued as she was falling , total giveaway that she was lip syncing 🤦🏻‍♀️😂!


She has a perfectly good set of air bags I really hope they helped break 🤣 her fall 😂..


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