Prince Harry Receives Very Crucial Request From British Royal Family [DETAILS]

Cover picture for the articleThe British royal family is said to have made a very crucial request to Prince Harry. OK! magazine published a report on the situation. The Duke of Sussex may return to the United Kingdom for Christmas, according to a report in the magazine. Their sources expect his trip to...

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Teri Hughes Owens

His grandmother’s in poor health and he hasn’t went to visit her yet ! This tells me how much he really cares for his family. He didn’t visit his grandfather either. He’ll just wait until she’s dead and then say how much he loved her ……… he’s loser and he wife tells him what to do !

Angela Garner Golden

I think the Royal Family would be better of if Harry didn't go to United England. if he goes he will come back with more lies than before. The only thing Harry wants is revenge on his family because Megan didn't get what she wanted. To be Queen one day and married to William. These two are so jealous and envious for the entire Cambridge family and the Queen they will want to harm them all, let's not forget Charles who fanilly cut the purse strings to the Markles. Harry and Megan both are a bad seed and should stay home.

Larry Selvage

hey Meghan it's his kids to he isn't just a donor so he can take them kids anywhere he wants if she doesn't want to go leave her home I'm sure she won't be missed


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