Eagles’ opinion on Jalen Hurts has reportedly changed

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Larry Brown Sports
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The Philadelphia Eagles were not sold on Jalen Hurts as their franchise quarterback a few months ago, but opinions within the organization seem to have changed rather quickly. The Eagles have won three of their last four games, and Hurts has played well during that stretch. According to Ian Rapoport of...

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gregory smith

I'm a die hard Eagles Fan and Jalen threw 3 interceptions today. 2 in the red zone! Offense looked pathetic. A golden opportunity to close in on the Cowboys and they couldn't beat the Giants... Again a horrible loss.

Tom Golden

This loss is on the coach more than Hurtsthis time,the coach wanted to pass and his game plan was all wrong for what was at stake in the division, it's too late for the coaches excuses,they abandoned the running game and did the coach ever consider that wind could play a factor as to whether the long passing would be accurate?These conference are always won or lost by takeaways,Anyone could see the coach didn't look at the Giant'sas serious threat,he forgets the reality the game is won in the trenches first so why would you abandon your strengths?


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