Some states know a lot about vaccinated people who have gotten COVID-19. Pa. isn’t one of them.
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PHILADELPHIA — Each week in Oregon, state health officials produce a public report documenting how many people have contracted the coronavirus even after getting the vaccine, including data about their ages, races, the counties where they live, which COVID-19 variants they caught, and how sick it made them. That...

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Edward E Norris

You purposefully don't collect data when you don't want to know the truth! And when you purposefully don't have the data you can't be accused of not sharing the truth. Ever notice you've never seen or heard a commercial from Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J to convince you about they're vaccines. 'Cause those commercials always have to include truthful warnings about all known side affects. The gov't wouldn't want that.

Kristie Feyad

if they were collecting real data then they would stop vaccinating people!! and they would stop using certain drug's to treat covid like rendeservier!!☠💉💉💊💉💉☠

Tammy Belich

a month after entire family was vaccinated, all got Covid and one remains in hospital on ventilator. I believe we got by, health for 19 months without getting vaccinated and then was pushed into it and my son now might not make it. We was never contacted by any contact tracers either!


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