Michael Vick found a future on TV, but his past is still chasing

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleBEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Michael Vick appears in the lobby dressed in all-black sweats, a look that helps one of the NFL’s most famous — and at one point, most infamous — retirees find a seat in the middle of the hotel’s restaurant without notice. He’s lean and fit; the gray...

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Marcus Johnson

Every time a black man in America takes a step forward, media will ALWAYS push him 3 steps back. How quickly they forget about other people and their transgressions when they take steps forward. This is trash and shouldn't be relived. Let's move on and educate the next gen.

Nelson Woods

It is not that Michael Vick can’t move on or scramble from the stain of his past, he has. He served his time, but no matter what he has done since … becoming a spokesman for animal rights, regaining all-pro status after his time in prison, finding a second career in broadcasting … hate and evil won’t leave him alone. Other sports figures like Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning have sordid pasts, but there is no one talking about their past.

Lov it

Leave that man alone! Bunch of unforgiving people who in turn want forgiveness, they are dogs good grief he paid for it move on, people get off for murdering people everyday and we say nothing!


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