The Omicron variant may spread among people who have been fully vaccinated: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Cover picture for the articleThe new COVID-19 variant ‘Omicron’ has raised concern among governments around the world, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated on Saturday that the new strain could spread among those who have been double-vaccinated. “I must emphasise that, as with every novel variety, there are many things we...

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Michael Werfelman

I love how the media fails to mention that this new variant is far less deadly than the others.. even the South African health minister has stated as much.. the media is the enemy of the people

R Multer

covid is like the flu.. always changing.. and the vaccine only works on one of them.. if it does at all.. so wise up and build your immune system without the jab... remember the old saying.. what does not kill you makes you stronger..and if your scared, then just stay at home! very simple.. going to die anyway, your dying from the day you was born... enjoy life and quite worrying.. won't remember it a hundred years from now anyway..

Kyle Foth

it already did before this varient the vaccines don't work I have seen the numbers the number of infections weather your vaccinated or not are almost identical but a little higher if you are vaccinated


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