Joe Biden Mistakenly Thinks That the US, Allies can Beat Chinese Hypersonic Missiles With Nukes

Cover picture for the articleThe Peoples Republic of China increases Chinese hypersonic missiles to deter the US and its allies in the Indo-Pacific. As these deterrents go, these weapons could turn the tide in Beijing's favor. But the mainland government said they would not use nukes first and wanted assurance from Washington if...

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King Zack

just like everything that China makes I'm sure these missiles are trash.Besides these weapons have never been used in a real battle.

Thomas Dowd

And the US last won a war in 1945 - ripe for another Pearl Harbor on a massive scale. Look at the open borders 20 years after the 9-11 commission recommendations are ignored! Hezbollah cells are probably getting public housing and free medical care in NYC waiting for the go signal from Iran.

Daniel Hall

Yet they been bullying everyone else in the Red China Sea.. Alot of South East Asian countries have there complaints and you should know this. Ask the Phillipines,Tawain, Vietnam , and other countries in the region. I don't think US likes dealing with this situation but who is doing the threating territorial infringement in the area at the cost of other countries rights. China hasn't been a friendly neighbor to others


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