Worth $122 billion, here is why Mark Zuckerberg is way beyond eccentric and is actually the weirdest billionaire of our times.

Cover picture for the articleIt’s only fair to define an individual by their characteristics. So, when you hear someone mention Mark Zuckerberg, what attributes do you attach? Maybe a young billionaire who has grasped more than he can clutch in a very short time. Or an awkward youth whose intelligence got the better of him...

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Grace Harris

Mark didn't invent Fakebook. The CIA had DARPA. DARPA was renamed. He was"given" Fakebook because of who he's related to. You know those 13 families? Yup, one of those. His wife is Asian. Got the picture now?

jim McCue

hey Zuckerberg! Americans don't promote Nazi sensorship policies! Put the flag down till you remember that

tom peppin t.v.

honestly I didn't read the article just saw pic of zuck holding flag while riding some toy. couldn't read article couldn't help thinking only reason zuck got that flag in his hand riding that ridiculous toy is that he's on his way to the garbage can because he is anti American like China joe


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