Tony Pollard Leaving Cowboys, Says ESPN - But There's a Problem


Cover picture for the articleDallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard may be about to be asked to step up even more, especially as Ezekiel Elliott battles a knee problem that has some here inside The Star suggesting Elliott might sit out Thursday's game at New Orleans. So there is buzz around the NFL...

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Charles Ridgeway

The title of this article is so misleading!Please ✋ with these "breaking news" articles that are not factual!Zeke is the more complete back but he and the Dallas Cowboys need Pollard for the illusive way he runs to change things up.Now that teams don't use Fullbacks a second TB/RB that is as good is more valuable than ever. These players get hurt too often and add in the Covid stuff too to not have at least two of everything that you need.

Jeffery Henderson

Zeke is good but he gets shut down too many times. Pollard will never develop under Zeke. Dallas need to get off that muscle back strategy of the past

Leroy Hubbard

Pollard is and has always been a very good RB. I was very un happy when he had gotten Dallas almost to the Goal line and he was pulled so Zeke could get a touch down.


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