Is Matt Ryan done in Atlanta?

Cover picture for the articleMatt Ryan has been a superstar in Atlanta. It’s hard to argue that the five time Pro Bowler and 2016 All Pro hasn’t been the best QB in Falcons’ franchise history. But all good things must come to an end. Despite posting his best completion percentage since 2018, Ryan’s...

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Matt Ryan is not a team player! Never has been. His stats look good on paper only because of the weapons he had around him. Throw a 3 yard pass to someone who can turn it into a 25+ gain multiple times will make anyone look like a superstar. Falcons invested in Pitts only to protect Matt’s stats but with Ridley out the culprit has been finally exposed. I blame Aurthur Blank for allowing our team to suffer for so long. How many coaches have we gone through only to now begin looking at Matt. Somebody’s been sheltering Matt!!! Anyway, I’m embarrassed to even look at a falcons game and acknowledge them as my team. SMH

Scott Lang

Yes, I'd rather see a 1st round draft start than him next year. He is way overpaid, and production has dissipated since our super bowl loss.

Samuel Davis

You have to block and without a consistent run game and no Calvin Ridley you can't take the top off the defense. When you have an aging quarterback you have to surround him with talent. But eventually maybe after next year you have to move on.


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