‘Gilligan’s Island’: One Star’s Contract Forbid Close-Up Shots
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A bevy of stars made up the cast of Gilligan’s Island. One of the show’s stars, though, forbade directors to do close-up shots. Who was the star who had this deal? It wasn’t Gilligan! No, it actually was Natalie Schafer. You know…Mrs. Howell, married to wealthy Thurston Howell III, played by...

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Tim Tibbits

i met the skipper a very long time ago.he owned a restaurant called the lobster barrel i think it was. that was a really big guy when youre only ten years old.he shook my hand .

Michael Boston

Back in those days Gilligan's Island, Fred Sandford, the flip Wilson show. carol Burnett, All in the family, the Jeffersons and many more was TV sitcom that you actually laughed at and enjoyed watching. Unlike the so called comedy shows and reality shows of today.. It wonders if TV shows such as those will ever come again... Sadly probably not in my life time

Josh Amos Cupp

I miss Gilligan & the gang. Tv back then wasn't judged like it is today. It was a lot more innocent fun.


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