New migrant caravan heading to US, increasing concerns about the spread of omicron COVID variant

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleA new migrant caravan has formed and is headed towards the U.S. border amid growing concerns over the heavily mutated COVID-19 omicron variant. The caravan – which includes hundreds of migrants from Haiti, Central America and Venezuela – began making its way toward America on Friday from Tapachula, a city in...

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Turn all their illegal asses back! These illegals from over 176 countries have caused major spreads of untreatable diseases and fungus from the first day that this senile shit of a sheep step in office! As long as the border is open to all these illegals and criminals, and this administration is murdered by an illegal alien they don’t know what is coming through the border nor do they care! No PROPER vetting for all the illegals that went freely as well as no PROPER vetting for all the Muslim terrorists that Biden had freely let into the US!


How bout that, the Fauci, Gates and Soros plan is working well. I’m sure Biden will follow their orders to a t. FJB and his Obama administration 🖕🖕

Shelly Cutting

Need to line the military up at the border & tell to open fire at anything that moves! The human leeches will eventually give up & quit coming. America isn't the Promised Land of milk & honey!


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