White House Report Card: COVID fears and Democrats scared


This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden finishing out the Thanksgiving Day break still at a Nantucket Island resort home owned by one of the Carlyle Group founders.

His week was typical. A few high points muffled by problems and bad polls. For the high, jobless claims have scaled back dramatically. For the lows, a new COVID strain is scaring the world and tanked the stock market, especially after Biden stopped flights from countries in Africa where it is spreading. And Democrats are starting to run for the hills, concerned about a 2022 blowout.

Conservative grader Jed Babbin gave a “D,” but credited the president for visiting with troops in a standard Thanksgiving tradition.

Jed Babbin
Grade D

President Joe Biden had a quiet week, with jobless claims the lowest since 1969. That was the good news in an otherwise depressing week.
A marquee displays gas prices at a Shell station on Monday, Nov. 22, 2021, in San Francisco. Noah Berger/AP

Biden said he’s running again in 2024 to fend off a primary race but his mental acuity is in constant doubt. This week, for example, he read from a teleprompter and didn’t stop until after he’d said, “end of quote.” Meanwhile the Department of Commerce’s measure of inflation -- the “core personal expenditure index” -- is the worst it’s been since the 1990s.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans now reportedly feel the personal impact from the #Bidenflation he’s imposed on us with a wild spending spree that he wants to increase. Biden released 50 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try to lower the price of gasoline, but the prices at the pump are still rising. Biden blames the rising price on oil company gouging, but the facts don’t support his assertion. The ratios between wholesale and retail gasoline are steady.

Biden and his wife did visit troops at Fort Bragg early in the week and a few of the Coasties at Nantucket Island on Thanksgiving. It was the least they could do for our troops, so they did it.

Jed Babbin is a Washington Examiner contributor and former deputy undersecretary of defense in the administration of former President George H.W. Bush. Follow him on Twitter @jedbabbin

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al kaye

to little way to late ,the red tsunami is coming ,and there is nothing that can be done to stop it

Fun n Games

We knew this was coming. He’s running out of excuses, it would seem eventually he’d tell us the truth! Oh that’s right, Biden mouth burns when he tells the truth. Lying is so much easier! No more canker sores for him!

rose bloom

stop voting for Democrats because this is what you get. mandates, open borders, lawlessness, tax and spend, corruption just to name a few.


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