Who's Jackie Johnson? What's next for former Georgia DA indicted, charged with preventing arrests in Ahmaud Arbery's death?

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It took police 74 days to arrest Ahmaud Arbery's killers. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the primary reason for this delayed justice is former Brunswick District Attorney Jackie Johnson. For her alleged role in preventing a proper investigation, Johnson, 49, was indicted Sept. 8 by a Glynn County...

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Libby Jane

The GBI need to hold Barnwell accountable for his part in continuing the cover up of Ahmaud Arbery murder. It shouldn't take 3 DA's, and the McMichael's release of Bryan's video, for this to have come before the Grand Jury, trial and their ultimate convictions. There is more Justice For Ahmaud Arbery to come.

jb swif

Well please don't leave the officer that showed up at the scene first an failed to do his duty as an officer of the law but only represent as a friend to the three accusers !!!

Laurie Hardeman

They all should be in jail right now. Damn bunch of rednecks. I'm so glad they got found guilty. It burns me that they won't be in general population. If they were in then I know they would jailhouse justice.


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