Wind power becoming too cheap to support itself

Cover picture for the articleMajor efforts to bring down the cost of generating wind power should be restrained, the head of a turbine-making major has warned, citing the industry's limited ability to continue investing in new technologies and enterprises. The cost of wind power has recently dropped to levels that allow a challenge...

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Robert Dougherty

LET'S GO BRANDON.... Windmills cost more energy than they produce.. They have been proven unsustainable for years now... Yet the democrats have all their money invested in them..

del gower

what it really indicates is that fossil fuels are the best form of energy that we have and should be looking into more efficient ways to employ it, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

William Speers

Part of free-market economics is the producer and the distributor taking into account all costs associated with the product, and setting a price for the product that will pay those costs, plus insure an acceptable level of profit. It seems as though the producers of wind power somehow have missed factoring in the cost of funding improvements in the product.


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