Disney Park Indefinitely Closes “it’s a small world” Attraction This Week

Inside the Magic

Cover picture for the articleWhen Guests visit Disney, they often have a set of attractions that they cannot wait to ride. Whether you have been to the Park before, or you like to watch videos on YouTube to get acquainted with what is around, it is easy to pick a few attractions out that have...

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Nancy P. Dillon

Disney world needs to stop taking away all of the rides that made them famous in the first place. This right is sentimental to us because it was our grandmother’s favorite ride. And if they close it permanently we won’t be back with our very large families.

Bev Smth

children's ride that shows the most cultural views of the world..Disney smh..this was children..mine grandchildren's and probably great grandchildren's had the most strollers parked in front of it..😭😭💔💔

Randolph Stowe

The reason the same woke Stalinist thugs that imagined racism in Dr. Suess books must be having their pea-sized brains exploding at the thought of the traditional garb being displayed. I suggest that the censors be locked in rooms with flashing lights and "It's a Small World" blaring for 72 hours straight.


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