Moderna COVID booster: What to know about new omicron variant, side effects, CDC guidelines


Cover picture for the articleFor the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO and CDC websites. The new omincron coronavirus variant is raising alarm bells around the world with fears about a new surge of COVID infections. In response, Moderna said it is taking a three-prong approach to ensure its...

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Let's Go Brandon

Guess what: they are bringing you a new variant “Omicron.” for the holidays. Like we’ve been telling you “the shots, and boosters are NEVER going to end.”Each variant is going to be worse than the last. The government will have complete control over you for as long as you live. Even the blind should see, this is not about your health. It is all about the jab. There are still going to be people that will line up for every jab of the poison, without questioning. My prayers go out to you. There will be nothing we can do to help you. But to the people who will “wake up,” and see what they are doing. I’m hoping you stop this madness, and save yourself. God’s blessing is with you. 🙏🏻

Shannon Lucas

You are the GAIN OF FUNCTION experimental research , If you let them jab you with this toxic MRNA vaccine ! ! ! The vaccines are causing all the variants ! ! ! They are doing exactly what the vaccines were designed to do . . . 💯

Lynn H

If people aren't awake by now to ask themselves a question like why is it that no sooner that I got my second Jab a good 4 months later a 3rd Jab which is called a booster come along Now to add on the holidays are here and a dealier varient than the last one has arrived Gee something seems fishy But hey who Am I to speculate on what a experimental so called vaccine is doing to people although I will say this for all the ones that have lined up to take it apparently it's not working at least not for Covid it's working for something else 🤔


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