Revealed: The real reason why WWE is releasing all its Superstars

Cover picture for the articleWWE Superstars seemingly have no job security anymore. You could be new on the roster, introduced to the WWE Universe just a couple of weeks ago and still be released. The situation isn’t much different for those who were well-established either. Several WWE Superstars who are quite well-established like Braun Strowman,...

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Donnie Ziegler

A lot of foul language they use is uncalled for! Swearing is not very professional and expecting a child to still look up to them! No need for a child growing up hearing cursing from these ( professionals) they look up to. A child never should be hearing any of these even from their parents!

The DownVoter

Its not the reason, its because Vince is out of touch and still thinks we in the 90's


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