Group of 20-30 robbers swarm Best Buy in Minnesota on Black Friday

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articleA group of up to 30 people robbed a Best Buy store in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area on Black Friday, according to authorities. The theft resembles other mass robberies recently seen across the country. In such cases, several robbers swarm a store, ransack the shelves and run...

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The Orb II

This is why defunding the police is so popular with BLM and other groups. After looting last year with very little repurcussions, now they can gather there young black gangs and rampage stores mostly unaffected. The police can barely do a thing. They are outnumbered. .


Minnesota created the prefect environment for this behavior, so did California and New York. Good luck stopping this destructive behavior and reining in the crime wave.

Flying Dutchman

Too bad the store can’t trap them inside with an automatic door lock or steel grate. Simply hit a button and no one gets out, until the police arrive. The employees and customers retreat to the back of the store. Do this several times and these crimes will end. No bail when they are caught. Letting everyone go, is how we gat to this horrible situation.


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