Brad Pitt Sparks Health Concerns After Dropping to 143 Pounds Amid Angelina Jolie Custody Battle That Is 'Killing' Him?

Cover picture for the articleBrad Pitt used to be the most attractive guy in Hollywood, but his custody fight with Angelina Jolie has taken its toll on his appearance. Brad's buddies couldn't help but worry about him appearing unkempt and sunken during his last public appearance since he's been stressed out. Aside from...

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This article is everything that is wrong with modern journalism. This is the worst kind of gossip-mongering tabloid trash. This article actually attempts to inspire rage at Angelina Jolie for what? Consumer clicks? If anyone actually reads to the bottom of the article it even says this is all gratuitous gossip with very little chance of having any correct information. Legal battles are stressful for everyone. No one should feel so involved in celebrities personal lives they are enraged and publicly trashing them over tabloid rumors. I personally don’t have an opinion about AJ however BP was struggling with addiction. IF any of this was true, addiction and legal battles could both contribute to a persons stress & appearance (to which BP is equally or more responsible)…. however it’s highly doubtful ANY of this is true so no one should get worked up. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Carol FromFlorida

I'm sure he needs to super skinny for his next movie role. That's most likely the explanation for his weight loss.

Janet Anderson

first I don't believe it had to do with his custody. it for a fact a person that gives up alcohol definitely changes your total look. losing weight is on of them . alcohol does damage one's body. he just needs to rebuild himself.


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