Salvation Army’s racism guide tells White Americans racism is ‘systemic’ and colorblindness is harmful

Cover picture for the articleA Salvation Army guide aimed at “courageous conversations about racism” asks “White Americans” to “stop trying to be ‘colorblind.’”. The guide, “Let’s Talk About Racism,” was released in April and created by the Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission. It is meant to provide “internal dialogue” on the issue of racism...

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Just So What

As a white heterosexual male, over 70 with Christian values and such I am constantly disrespected and assaulted with false narratives.I will continue to give pocket change to Bell Ringers in appreciation of their individual efforts but my routine, substantial donations will end.I will send a postcard to them and let them know my thoughts.I do post cards so others can see my message as most of the people who decide to take the WOKE route keep negative responses secret.

Poor Richard

God’s word says he is “no respecter of persons”. His children are all His, with no preferences given to differences. I will continue to not focus on skin color. Our democrat government has played this racism game for way too long.

Eric Tabor

My wife and I donate between $5,000 to $10,000 of products from food to Christmas gifts every year. Since this White Culture is so bad and Color-blind then so is our yearly donations. Perhaps, the Salvation Army can make up our part from a Non-white culture to start satisfying their judgemental attitudes. Our donations never chose a race but apparently now whites are not acceptable. I wish you well in obtaining new donors once the word spreads of your disdain for Whites and their culture in addition to their donations; since that to is part of the white culture. I would hate for people to be contaminated with our belief system of helping others no matter who they are.


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