Laser-focused on 2020, Trump seeks a Michigan Legislature that could help him in 2024

NBC News

Cover picture for the articleJon Rocha was settling in to watch the new “Ghostbusters” with his young daughter at the movies last week when he got the news: Former President Donald Trump had endorsed his bid for state representative in Michigan. “I was checking my phone to make sure it was...

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Keith Mims

45 is endorsing and campaigning for anyone and everyone he believes will do his bidding without question. So in case he decides to run again the deck will be heavily favored towards him. If he happens to win they will feel indebted to him for him to become the dictator he so sorely wants to become. 45 will stop at nothing to regain power or destroy America from within if can't win the oval office back!!!

The Natural

Well, if he does run again I would ask him a few questions about what he plans on doing since his only platform in 2020 was calling people names and calling out Hunter Biden. Had you gone to his site he didn't mention anything outside of "I had the greatest economy ever" and "I had the lowest unemployment ever".That was it! And we all know that both of those statements were big time lies!


Yup laser focused on the past. While the future is moving forward. He’s still in 2020. Trump is our nations horrible past. Let’s learn from it, never repeat it and move on and up with love and compassion.


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