Stimulus Payments: Know The Cash Boosts Scheduled Before Christmas

Cover picture for the articleU.S. citizens will get a financial boost ahead of Christmas. The governments of several U.S. states have decided to issue stimulus checks to their residents. The additional monetary support will be a welcome relief for the citizens before the holidays. According to an article published by MARCA on November 26, the...

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Julie Compton

what about people that don't have small children, mine are all grown, youngest is 25, who left their job due to covid, but didn't get u unemployment , I. their 50's an older. we are struggling too, it's been tough enough to pay rent, we need help as well

Christina Plumb

so Virginia is not on the list to get a relief help so only certain states that's not right . I no several people that need help and especially for the the elderly they only get what they get every month and 600.00 don't help some of them because they have bills or they are trying to help there kids that don't have a job or got laid off because of covid . this is American I remember 1 time it was not like this before but now it's gotten way worse.

Tess Lynn

probably going to the lazy people that dont want to work living off child tax credit they have like 5+ children living off them and the government and getting like 1200+ a month foodstamps


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