Molecule Derived From Poisonous Plant Blocks All SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Cell Cultures

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The plant-based antiviral agent thapsigargin (TG), derived from a group of poisonous plants known as 'deadly carrots', appears to be effective against all variants of SARS-CoV-2 in the lab – and that includes the quick-spreading Delta variant. A previous study published in February demonstrated that TG can be effective against a host of viruses....

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Imagine that… like God said… everything you need I have already given you. Maybe they should look into the marijuana plant a bit more. I don’t know a single avid pot smoker that has even tested positive for Covid. Do any of you?

Melissa N.

They have killed people pushing the vaccine.. my mother died from covid in May. Far too long into the pandemic. Preventatives and treatments were sidelined in order to push the vaccine.. My mother smoked.. was a bit over weight. she had her thyroid taken out due to cancerous tumors.. this all makes her seems deathly ill.. but she Wasn't. her health was optimal enough to qualify for ECMO.. but this was enough of a health history that she shouldn't have just been sent home with a covid diagnosis... they sent her home with no preventatives.. Just said come back if you cannot breathe. where after admittance they administered dozens of treatments. I feel like my mother was killed in order to push the vaccine... It's all very disheartening they wonder where the medical mistrust comes from?? I've seen it first hand

joni Oceans

it only stands to reason that if something is effective against the original, that it is also effective against any variation .. since the varients are composed of THE ORIGINAL with a small change. THE SAME IS TRUE FOR NATURAL IMMUNITY FROM PRIOR INFECTION


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