A New Way of Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma

Cover picture for the articleNeuroticism is a trait characterized by a tendency to experience frequent and intense negative affect, such as anxiety, sadness, or rage. Neuroticism may reflect a shared vulnerability for various emotional disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma-related disorders. A new treatment for emotional disorders is called the “unified protocol...

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I suffer from depression, anxiety and ptsd. Sometimes all very very bad! Over the weekend I was soon depressed and the worst part about it is sometimes idk why I'm depressed with everything ok...around me. It could be worse and it has been worse so much worse. so I'm's the demons try to bring me down. But I have to fight it!🙏

Bonnie Marie Cairns

When the devil 1st took my thoughts and twisted them into evil. I would sing love songs.It helped me turn the evil to love.In America you are persecuted if you sing loud and not a Disney child made star,or a Smith. I learned the hard way how this behavior is hated and persecuted. I now pray ,pray,pray, in silence in my mind to overcome the evil. I can only thank God that we still have the right to pray in silence. I dont need drugs to defeat evil ,until being quite and silently praying is outlawed I will continue to fight the good fight. With silence and prayers.

esther evans

As a Christian, I have a Helper , (the Holy Spirit) and He is all I need when my symptoms are triggered. I say this because I want other Christians to recognize the power they process if they just ask for His help. Many who do not accept Christ won't believe this and for them, worldly help such as this " new" way of treatment may be of help, I don't know. I do know P.T.S.D. is miserable and crippling and we all need help.

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