Five siblings who were in foster care celebrate Thanksgiving together thanks to a single father who adopted them

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articleBuffalo, New York — When Lamont Thomas became an empty-nester, it was the end of a parenting legend. As CBS News first reported a couple years ago, the divorced father of two took on hero status when he took on a foster kid named Michael Perez in 2001. "He...

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NoGuts NoGlory

Oh, my goodness, those kids are adorable – the girls with her beautiful dresses, lace anklets and tiaras and the boys with their little three-piece suits. There's got to be a special place in heaven for the man who adopted them all so they could stay together. Bless him.

Green or Red NM

The world needs more like you. These precious children are blessed to have you as a Dad, and you are blessed to have these precious children. 🙏🙏🙏❤❤

Christine Eckenrode

I just love this story. Beautiful Family. I hope at some point in time, Mr. Thomas can find a really good woman to love and help with this wonderful cause! For now, he seems to have everything under control.


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