37-Year-Old Father With Cerebral Palsy Thought He Had a ‘Stomach Bug’; It Turned Out To Be Pancreatic Cancer

Cover picture for the articleA Father With Cerebral Palsy Fights Pancreatic Cancer. Jonathan Silcock, 37, sought medical attention after suffering from frequent vomiting and sudden weight loss. Doctors told him at the time that he had an upset stomach. When the vomiting and weight loss continued through the next four months, doctors ordered...

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Teresa Nunnery

I can't help but choke up reading your story. Prayers to you and your family. May God give you the strength to continue your journey and make all the beautiful memories you can. God bess you and keep you strong and continue to hold you in this walk. 🙏🏻❤

Terry Mikos

See this is the perfect example of the medical field/medical industry neglect. Of NOT listening to their patients. What happened to the patient knows their own body and have a say so in the treatment, we have thos right BY LAW. Adding a postscript to this, : There should be a clause added in the insurance policies. Stating within 90 days of the first diagnosis, if there is a second opinion that is properly diagnosed, the patient shouldn't have to suffer a double whammy of paying both drs, eoth the deducable. After all, a dr can NOT be a weather man. They have to go off labs, and be absolutely accurate, or people die.


My husband's uncle lived for over 12 years with this cancer. There were a few Christmas letters stating he had beaten it. I didn't think that was possible, and apparently I was right. He passed 2 years ago to this terrible cancer. My aunt had ovarian cancer for over 20 years and sadly lost her battle last year. Another tough one to catch.


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