COVID-19 Vaccine: The WHO Warns Vaccinated People of Having a “False Sense of Security”

Cover picture for the articleSome people had gotten vaccinated for COVID thinking that they won’t have to take other precautions anymore. Some of them were thinking that the pandemic is approaching its end in this way, but the World Health Organization (WHO) is once again there to practically say “not so fast!”. The...

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William Stapleford

I must say that this must not be a very effective vaccine. I fully understand that NO vaccine is 100% effective but let's look at this in a NON political way and just basic stats. The number of so called vaxed people is going up, meaning that the number of so called non vaxed are going down. Couple this with the fact that more people are getting the virus and developing NATURAL immunity. This means the potential number of host for the virus to infect is going down as well. So explain how the numbers can be going UP if the vaccine is effective?? It cant be because HERD immunity should be reached with both vaccine and natural immunity. The fact that vaccinated people must FEAR the so called unvaxxed proves that this vaccine is still VERY MUCH a CLINICAL trial. The definitions and numbers must constantly be changed to fit the narrative and NEVER in history has this ever been the case that I know of.


What has happened, these Bio medicines not vaccines are wiping out the immune system of the jabbed. This is why there are so many breakthrough cases and people sick right now. How can Anybody explain the fact that a small island Gibraltar fully vaccinated but are having surges?! If people are fully vaccinated and boosted up we should have close to zero cases. What about the Covid pill they were pushing?!? Wake up everyone this is only an illusion of what is really going on behind the curtains

Foe Brandon

mRNA ... killing mice still in animal pass into human testing.. 2005- medical science advised against trying to make vaccines for Sars type viruses.. today WHO:BTW don't trust the product but please take it, many portfolios, political parties and media sources rely on you playing along 🤑🤑🤑🤑


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