Brad Marchand responds to Artemi Panarin throwing glove at him

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Friday afternoon wasn’t a fun one for the Bruins, who lost 5-2 to the Rangers at TD Garden. But there was one funny moment you can’t help but laugh at.

In the closing seconds of the game, the two teams were exchanging some words, including from one bench to the other. That’s when Rangers star Artemi Panarin decided to wind up, lean across the rinkside reporter box between the benches, and fire his glove right at Brad Marchand.

The rare but hilarious move seemed to catch Marchand, no stranger to some hijinks himself, by surprise. After the game, Marchand acknowledged this was a new one.

“Yeah, that one caught me off guard a little bit,” Marchand said. “I’ve had a lot of things thrown at me, but not typically by players.”

Asked what led up to the glove throw, Marchand gave a classic Marchand response.

“We were just asking each other how Thanksgiving dinner was. He didn’t like what I ate,” Marchand said.

Last year, Marchand co-starred in another funny moment between the Bruins and Rangers, when he and Mika Zibanejad engaged in a lengthy standoff to try to be the last player off the ice after warmups . That was eventually settled by a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Panarin and the Rangers got the last laugh this time, cruising to the 5-2 win with Panarin registering a goal, an assist and a plus-3 rating on the day.

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