Abby De La Rosa Celebrates First Thanksgiving with Her and Nick Cannon's Twin Boys: 'Grateful x2'


Cover picture for the articleAbby De La Rosa had double the love this Thanksgiving!. On Thursday, De La Rosa celebrated the holiday by sharing a video of herself holding her twin sons, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, whom she shares with Nick Cannon. Wearing a brown bodysuit and cow-print thigh-high boots, De La...

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Nunya Bizniss

We really don't care about his non famous baby mamas or their kids..don't even care about Mariah really but we'd definitely rather hear about Mariah than his other baby mamas (and their zoo of kids) 🙄 Y'all make them relevant bc nobody asked about this lady 😂 smh

Laura Flaherty

I blame the women they could take birth control if you are not good enough for him to marry than why would you have a child by him knowing he's having children at the same time by other women look Ladies y'all are the ones home with the kids when he's out with other women not him

Ree K

who names their child Zillion, as if that first name isn't awful enough, the middle name makes it truly awful....Zillion Heir. Like what the heck were they thinking? Can you imagine carrying that name?


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