Kenya Moore Snatches up Ramona Singer + Cynthia Bailey Says Kenya Went Too Far

Cover picture for the articleKenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey clashed on RHUGT. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey clashed as they filmed season 1 of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” In fact, they had tense conversations about their friendship. As they had issues with the...

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Shane 49

sounds like a personal problem .she had plenty to say about other people but when that husband was around she was scared to open her mouth .

Phyllis Grace

Kenya, first of all has had a vindictiveness against most of the ladies that she has worked with on and off the show. She has had a troublesome past from childhood to a difficulty short unloving marriage and her hurt-filled anger continues no matter who she come in contact with. Her resentment of another person's happiness bothers her extremely so. Honestly very seldom has she ever appeared demonstrating "authentic" friendliness toward a single person that wouldn't instantaneously erupt into a display of uncontrollable rage. Kenya should desperately seek professional help.


She actually left a bruise on Ramona's arm. I can recall a reunion when Porsha snatched up MS. Kenya and Kenya said you should NEVER put your hands on another person. At that time Kenya was being an a$$hole and continued to poke at Porsha even though she knew Porsha was going through something. Kenya is and always will be a snake. And acts like everyone needs to bow down to her. She ain't anymore special than any of the other ladies.Btw...Ramona WAS being an a$$hole. But still didn't deserve to have Kenya touch her. And don't get me started on Luann either. 🙄


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