More Than 300 Patients Given Pfizer COVID-19 Doses That Were Frozen Too Long At 2 Riverside County Vaccination Sites


MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA) — Hundreds of people at two Riverside County community centers mistakenly received Pfizer COVID-19 doses that were frozen longer than manufacturer recommendations, according to Riverside University Health System officials.

Staff discovered on Tuesday that the vaccine doses had been administered to 324 patients in Jurupa Valley on Mission Boulevard between Oct. 8 and Nov. 23, and Riverside Neighborhood Clinic on Indiana Avenue between Oct. 23 and Nov. 23, health officials said.

The doses in question were found to have been stored in the freezer longer than manufacturer recommendation. In spite of their “improper storage from freezer to refrigeration to administration,” the doses do not pose a danger to patients. However, the doses may have lost their potency, and officials say the CDC recommends these patients get a repeat dose as soon as possible.

Riverside University Health System staff is reaching out to the impacted patients, and implementing measures to prevent this incident from happening again. Officials say patients who received a Pfizer at these locations, but are not contacted by staff, are not impacted by this storage issue.

However, people who are concerned that they received their doses at these locations during these time frames can call (800) 945-6171.

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michael harman

Pfizer has agreed in the biggest pharmaceutical lawsuit of all time to pay 2.5 billion under the Civil false claims act on drugs that are not authorized to use..Bextra and geodon along with Lyrica and zyvox are not fda approved..Pfizer caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs for uses that were not authorized or medically accepted by the program...Pfizer also paid kick backs to practitioners to prescribe these medications and they knew that they were not fda approved..Pfizer stands to gross 65 billion by the end of 2022


The big lie . The fake demic - wake up people we must hold these lists accountable and put them all in prison and away for life and or treason . Remember sooner or later the lie gets found out

Mari Bennett Barry

This isn’t the first time, people need to wake up. You can’t get truth from the media and then when you do it’s usually not good.


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