Return From Extinction

Cover picture for the articleThe prospect of "reviving" an extinct species – or a, genetic hybrid version of it – is moving closer to reality thanks to the sophistication of genome engineering technologies coupled with our ability to extract and sequence archaic DNA samples. In September, the biotech/genetics company. Colossal – co-founded in...

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Dirk Ward

Won't be long before they get a wooly mammoth up and going and then somebody will say, "Hey, won't it be cool to do that with a Dire Wolf, a Short Face Bear and a Sabre Tooth Cat"? .......Now we got a problem......They used to all hunt us!

Freeway Duncan

🤔 idk about anyone else. I myself do not cherish the thoughts of trying to outrun T-Rex or having my home smash by a woolly mammoth. Or my dogs and I eaten as snack.

Shawn Moebius

What would be the benefit of bringing a Wooley Mammoth back from extinction besides wanting to prove they could do it. This animal didn't die out as a direct result of man no matter what mainstream science says. There is not one example of ancient peoples over hunting ANY species. This is just another example of humans tampering in areas better left alone.


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