Simon Guobadia Says Porsha Williams DM’d Him After He Announced His Divorce

Cover picture for the articlePorsha Williams addresses the controversy of her engagement to Simon Guobadia on her spinoff. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams understood the controversy surrounding her engagement is due to the optics. Her fiancé Simon Guobadia was married to her former coworker Falynn Guobadia. And...

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Anonymous Truth

So basically Porsha did Simon is what some men do to women. During a time of vulnerability/ heartache make like you care and concerned about their well being. You know play the game then Boom !!!💥 💥 💥 Their guard's down and you're in there!!!! I don't agree with None of it cause I'm not built like that. I don't care who they are, what they got or how Much money they have. I don't be eye balling, looking to entertain or dying to sleep with family, friends, associates, co workers, neighbors and women I know of or just met men!! Some women don't care and all about themselves no matter who it hurts but I thank God I ain't Never been that type of woman and I have No desires too. You got have some kind of self-respect.

Serenia Brown

Wow now she saying R. Kelly abused her …. Porsha gurllllll get it together hunnyyyyy!

Carla Ogbodo

Dam thirst is a B , made Simone look like super star. Some people do any thing for a dollar.


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