An influencer with over 1 million followers was dropped by brands after a racist voice memo leaked

Fyza said she had "taken a step back and reflected on my act of racism during a moment of anger." KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/Getty Images
  • Leaked audio of a popular Instagram influencer using racial slurs went viral earlier this week.
  • Fyza Ali, who is known as a Kylie Jenner look-a-like, has since apologized via Instagram.
  • 29-year-old Fyza and sister Sonia, 26, have 1.3 million followers on their joint Instagram account.

An Instagram influencer has apologized after a voice memo in which she used racist slurs went viral earlier this week. Fyza Ali, who is based in the UK, said she would be taking a social media break in light of the incident.

The voice memo featured what appears to be Fyza's voice making a number of anti-Asian comments, using racial slurs, threatening violence, and using offensive language and expletives to refer to the recipient.

In an Instagram story posted to the influencers' account on Thursday, a statement attributed to Fyza said she had "taken a step back and reflected on my act of racism during a moment of anger."

In the statement, Fyza asked people to "understand" that she was struggling following the death of her mother, which she said led to her not realizing the widespread "impact" of her "disgusting comments." She continued, "I sincerely apologize to her as a human being, as a woman and The Pakistani community I have offended."

"I'm admitting 100% to my mistakes," she said.

"What I said, what she said to me could have been said by any nationality, but I attacked her simply because of anger. That is weak and no excuse for racism. As a human being I'm admitting to my mistakes, I was racist towards this girl. I'm sorry, to her, her family that's been affected her friends, people who love her, and also the people that I affected who supported me."

Fyza and Sonia did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

After the leaked voice memo, three brands the pair had previously worked with — Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, and Shein — reportedly told The Sun they would not be collaborating with Fyza moving forward.

These purported posts are no longer available to view on the account.

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I Am Telling You The Truth

When your money is based on likes, you need to be careful about what you say. You never know who is watching or recording.

Martha Ortiz

I have never seen this young lady on Instagram or Facebook etc but I listened to her on the video and stopped it at one minute bc I immediately felt that her appology to those she offended was not sincere and definitely not coming from the heart ❤️ just my opinion

James Bergeron

Influencer is not a job. The only thing she is upset about is she may actually have to work for her money.


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