Japan, collapse of covid cases “Blame the mutations” / Study “Virus killed itself”

Cover picture for the articleIn Japan, covid is self-extinguishing, practically eliminating by itself. To support this hypothesis, quite interesting and suggestive, and at the same time fascinating, is a group of researchers from the National Institute of Genetics and the University of Niigata, according to which the constant mutations would have effectively killed the covid....

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John Holmes

The Spanish flu, which killed 50 million when world population was a third of current, mutated itself into harmlessnes in three years. Here in NW Florida we have very few cases and almost no restrictions and low vaccination rates. With all the tourists bringing us the virus it burned hard and fast and now I believe most people here have developed strong immunity as a result. Or maybe the virus has self destructed from so many mutations from being passed so much in the last two years here. Either way I have been giving it a three year time table all along and have been scoffed at on these threads. Maybe I am the only same person after all.


herd immunity plus they gave all their citizens ivermectin and vitamins. They didnt force the population to get the jab. They also culled the vaccine with graphine and other added impurities

All Right

baahahahaha.... so when the virus mutates it gets weaker and not stronger ( according to science)... so why did they push each variant was getting worse and worse? So much for.....follow the science


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