White women backed Glenn Youngkin for Virginia governor. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise, experts say.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleLaurel Wise has always considered herself a political independent, though she usually backed Democratic candidates. But this year, with Glenn Youngkin on the ballot, she was ready to try something new. “It was an end-of-the-campaign switch that I made,” Wise said. “I never thought I’d vote for Youngkin, and...

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Leroy Dennis

It's always blacks being picked on by White's that's the democratic communist liberal propaganda. How about the facts like Democrat's have lost due to their way of controlling the government and country with their agenda. people have had enough and voted accordingly

Twisted Skipster

would you like to throw in the fact that youngkin also got a higher than normal backing from blacks and hispanics???? No???? Just gotta push that racial narrative there don't you... just want to push for a race war dontcha????

Zachary Setliff

blah blah blah when are they going to get it through their heads that America is sick of them playing this rate card every single day get over it we're sick of it go away


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