Lincoln Project's desire for Trump to run again leaves observers disgusted, surprised: 'Utterly desperate'

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Cover picture for the articleThe Lincoln Project is, on the surface, vehemently against Donald Trump ever becoming president of the United States again. The left-wing PAC founded by disgruntled ex-Republicans has called him a coward, a loser, an authoritarian, a clear and present danger to national security, and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of...

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Jan Bell

Trump is still going after those who have committed treason against the the American people. Pelosi’s shrill voice and tantrums to call forth the 25th amendment impeachment and take nuclear codes from the president and nothing but paranoid seizures of desperation. She knows Trump and military will soon come and arrest her and all others caught in treason. The Clinton’s, Schumer, Schiff, Harris, Biden and many more. The Deep State army of funded and criminal traitors, mostly DumocRATS but many sell out republicans, can’t just get on their private planes and yachts any more to flee. Trump and the military are way ahead of them watch the skies and harbors for those running from justice. Real justice and election results of the people are unfolding, not impeachment. Pelosi tried going to the military to have them turn on Trump. She was promptly told that Trump is their commander and chief not Pelosi. No place to hide, Trump and the military have all the evidence and prove of their crimes.

DonTheCon Loser

DonTheCon “big lie” treason -the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government“DonTheCon election fraud claims were B.S. from the beginning” Bill Barr.”

James Oppy

anyone who would vote for one of the worst presidents in history is a few sandwiches short of a picnic


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