Super mutant Covid strain found in Asia, Middle East

Cover picture for the articleThe new Covid variant of major concern, which was first spotted in Botswana, has now been identified in Israel and Hong Kong, with experts fearing its mutations may allow it to spread quickly, evading existing Covid-19 immunity. Variant B.1.1.529, which is yet to be given a name from the...

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Jacob Wattage

and it's coming to America via the government's refusing to close all the borders and closing the pleasure cruise ships and the international tourism industry and international plain flights from bringing into America dayliy infected people from all over the world to continue rotating and spreading the Wuhan china viruses all over America first class delivery of the deadly viruses to your home town's and your children's school's and your work place , the government is the engine behind the continual speeding of the various verients and. viruses by not closing down America, so it can slow down income viruses and manage and stop the spread of the various verients and viruses ? contain, treat, and and stop the spreading by closing the country down till it's safe ? the government is refusing to tell Americans to buy hazmat suits to protect against the viruses coming to America via the government's international traveling and open borders

MaryBeth Pearson

"National Institute of Genetics and the University of Niigata, according to which the constant mutations would have effectively killed the covid. Mauro Minelli, immunologist and responsible for Southern Italy of the Foundation for Personalized Medicine, commented to the microphones of the Huffington Post: “The hypothesis of the Japanese research brings out for the first time the weaknesses of Covid-19: the virus that we thought invulnerable, by dint of mutation, he got entangled in his own evolutionary mutations, with the result of freezing himself."


Quick, how do we hide the fact that the mRNA jabs don't work? Why by claiming something nobody without a genomic sequencer can fact check. Blame it on a "variant" that is "so different" that it "evades" the "vaccines".


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