The Beatles: Secret conversation featured in Get Back reveals John Lennon’s ‘only regret’ about Beatles songs

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A secret conversation featured in new documentary Get Back reveals John Lennon ’s “only regret” about his time with The Beatles .

The moment, featured in part two of Peter Jackson ’s seven-hour docuseries, occurs during a chat recorded in secret days after George Harrison quits the band.

Lennon, after refusing to take anyone’s calls, arrives at the Twickenham studio where the band have been writing songs for what would be their final live performance and record together.

McCartney and Lennon meet in a cafeteria away from the camera to discuss Harrison’s growing frustrations with the songwriting process – but intertitles inform the viewer: "They are unaware that the film-makers have planted a hidden microphone in a flowerpot.”

When discussing McCartney’s high expectations when it comes to songwriting, he tells Lennon he’d have liked it if both him and Harrison could have fought back a bit when he made certain demands about where he believed a song should go.

“Now, the only regret about the past numbers is when, because I’ve been so frightened, I've allowed you to take it somewhere where I didn't want,” Lennon replies, adding: “And then, that my only chance was to let George take over, or interest George in it.”

He then shared how he would have liked the collaboration process to have been given the chance.

“If you give me your suggestions, let me reject them and pinch the one I like is where my writing side is,” he tells McCartney. “Same goes for the arranging 'cause there was a period where none of us could actually say anything about your arrangements 'cause you would reject it all.”

He added: A lot of the times you were right – and a lot of the times you were wrong.”

The first two instalments of Get Back are available to stream on Disney Plus now. Find our verdict here .

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Patrick Zim

I'm sure it was a complicated mess back then as nobody had seen a band get that big that fast. The bottom line is that the four of them went off into different directions for personal reasons. Drugs, especially Lennon messing with heroin, further complicated things. It sucked that they stopped but they did go out on top. The personal issues is what really killed the band. The Stones did everything the Beatles did concerning decadent behavior and then some. But Mick and Keith were aware that rhey needs each other and still wanted to play and tour. The Beatles didn't want to do that, they let their egos get in the way.

Mason Allen

the stones loved what they were doing, and still to this very day, the beatles as a unit did not. people seem to be pro Beatle or pro stones , you cannot compare an apple to an orange . one band has been dead for 50 years , the other , well... they're the hottest show in 2021 and doin Europe in 2022.


I started that hours long mess and no way. SO boring. How big a Beatles fan you would have to be, I do not know.


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