North Korean Doomed To Perish By Firing Squad After Smuggling Squid Game Series With the Penalty of Death

Cover picture for the articleA North Korean condemned to perish by firing squad after an illegal copy of the Squid Game, which is not allowed, was found on him. Citizens should avoid any of the prohibitions announced by Kim Jong Un, or there will be a penalty. Somehow the student still brought back...

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For God and Country

And there are those that would say they have no freedom here. Take a hard look at this country bc this administration wants us just like then but doing it in Oh! so subtle ways or making it look like you are UnAmerican if you do not conform to their way of thinking. It could be soon much worse here so count your blessings. Who ever thought a person could be put before a firing squad over a game ?? Yeah, God Bless America and our God given freedoms.🇱🇷🇱🇷💪💪


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