Letter: Praying for dogged devotion to the Lord

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Feeling another “tug on my heart's leash” to write a new letter to the public. I prayed for words (according to God’s will) that would move in the hearts of the readers.

Little did I know He was going to lead me to this personal letter I penned to the Lord six years ago. It's inspired by the love of our dog “Buddy Boy” now sorely missed.

"Dear Master Jesus,

"Stir in me a love for You and for others with the same passion that my pet Buddy Boy loved me. Lord give me the nose of a 'buddy boy' so I can be 'hot' on your trail.

"Excite me with Your words — and the commands from Your mouth! May my tail always be wagging for You! And may my heart (with everything in me) always be 'howling' for You, in your absence O’ Lord.

"Free me from these chains of flesh! And 'sic me' on the paths of truth and righteousness for Your name’s sake! Throw a branch of 'love and truth' from your tree of Grace, O’ Lord and 'turn me loose!'

"This 'old dog' wants to hunt! I want to be Your 'buddy boy!' I love You, master!"

P.S. Anyone out there that was “moved” by this letter and felt the pull of the Lord on your leash, let me know at and I will toss/email you something sweet to chew on. God bless.

In Christian love, all for His glory.

John Imhoff


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