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Cover picture for the articleUntil two years ago, I had no doubt about the identity of my biological parents. None. Of course, my mother is clearly my mother. We look a lot alike, and she raised the five of us as a single parent. The man I believed to be my biological father denied paternity...

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Jennifer Johnson

This is a happy ending but not all these stories end this way. Often the obsession with the past lead people to forget who was there in the present. If you had a loving mom who made sure you had what you needed consider yourself blessed. Not all dad's sadly are worth knowing.

Denise Todd

I'm glad that he was able to find the closure that he was looking for. So many of us just take for granted certain things, like knowing who our parents are, that we forget that for others this can be a difficult uncertainty and affect our own self identity. I'm glad that this particular story had a happy ending though. I wish that everyone who did this search for self discovery had the same response and willingness to forge long lost relationships.

Rebecca M

Everyone needs to know where they come from. For health reasons and mental reasons.


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