Biden Thanksgiving menu released by White House

Cover picture for the articlePresident Joe Biden and his family celebrated Thanksgiving with family while enjoying a traditional holiday menu. The Biden's Thanksgiving menu included thyme-Roasted turkey, "Grandma Jacobs' Savory Stuffing," classic turkey gravy, roasted kitchen garden vegetables, sweet potatoes, kale, button mushrooms, and cranberry relish on Thanksgiving Thursday. Deserts included apple pie, pumpkin pie,...

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Lillye S. Smith

Americans are suffering and media and The WH send out his food menu, How about shove it as people suffer and his administration laughs in America's face.

shelley scott

who cares in the white house?NOBODY !THEY go home to there warm beds and hot meals so shove that in our faces.the only people doing good after the pandemic are Political people. everyone else not so much. BIDEN PLEASE STOP POSTING YOUR Amenities TO THE PUBLIC WE KNOW YOUR HAVING A GREAT TIME ON ALL OF OUR TAXES.

big Benny

What about the families of the 13 service members that this fraudulent president is responsible for their deaths? I don’t think Brandon deserves a nice dinner with his family until he is held a c


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