Apex Legends fan discovers how to walk on water thanks to a ridiculous glitch

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group

Everyone’s heard of “rising above the competition,” right? Well, this Apex Legends fan took things one step further by rising above sea level — as in straight-up walking on water.

Over on Reddit, user Quasar2003 was busy minding their own business, hopping onto a jump pad without a care in the world, when suddenly, they were more buoyant than the average mortal. Somehow, their landing enabled water-walking. No, this is not supposed to happen in Apex Legends, especially not in Season 11’s brand new map. It’s a pristine example of a glitch ending in unintentional hilarity—sort of like Halo Infinite’s wet floor signs.

Check out a clip of the water walk in Apex Legends for yourself below. Don’t try it at home without a lifeguard on duty, though.

Was f’ing around and think i found a glitch from apexlegends

I actually tried replicating this glitch but was unable to, so it’s not a widespread issue like the crashing that was happening in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

There’s a lot of examples of bugs that yield belly laughs from even the harshest of critics. For example, Battlefield 2042’s hovercraft that’s able to scale buildings or everything about the GTA Trilogy since it’s just one big glitch. Nothing this far this year tops eFootball’s horrific facial animations. Sorry, Rockstar.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

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