I Tried to Help a Homeless man; This is What Happened

Cover picture for the articleWhile parking my car behind the hospital on 7th Street, I noticed an older man sitting on the curb with his belongings spilling onto the street. The man said hello and we began to talk; he had been living there for two weeks. I asked how he ended up here, and...

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Chris Butler

I see people giving money and food to the homeless which I understand. but what they don't understand that a lot of the homeless have EBT cards they're not going hungry the churches serve meals they have food banks salvation army provides showers that's why downtown Riverside is a popular area for homeless people because they can live there outdoors just as well as anyone can live indoors.

Dauri Fox

We've tried multiple times to help homeless people who helped themselves to whatever they could steal from us. They didn't care that they had a bed to sleep in or a roof over their heads. All of them 5 in total did nothing but steal from us and convinced us that all we were doing was adding to our troubles. We no longer give $$, help or utter a single word to any homeless. Once bitten twice shy and we took them into our home not Once but 5 separate people and 5 separate times. No more sympathy here

Dane Daniels

A homelessness Industrial complex has grown up with the stated intentions solving the problem (a few of the religious based ones actually do). Of each dollar spent on homelessness, 80% is skimmed off by the professional homelessness industry.They really are not interest in solving homelessness, they’re interested maintaining a sizable street population in order to keep the money flowing. San Francisco spends $100,000 per homeless person per year, yet only $20,000 actually get spent on the homeless person. Welfare is paid in cash. For the three days following welfare day the ER’s are jammed with overdoses. During the pandemic, the city leased older hotel as temporary housing.An NGO set up a drug delivery service so the “guests” wouldn’t wander the streets looking for their dealers. Two enterprising young men went full breaking bad and set up a meth lab in one of the rooms. . The death rate from drug OD’s was alway significant greater than deaths from corona virus even at its peak. I’ve


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