Meri Brown Reveals All: Kody Looking For New Wife To Replace Christine?

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Meri Brown revealed all to Sister Wives fans in the comments on social media recently. Turns out, someone commented on one of her posts wagering that it wouldn’t be long before Kody Brown began courting a new wife to replace Christine. Sister Wives fans know Meri Brown is not...

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Teresa Harmon

It would not surprise me in the least. He has been heard saying that he wanted a fifth wife before she ever left. If Cody wanted to insure Robyns kids,how is even doing that? He doesn't work, all he does is go from house to house. That's not a job, it has more benefits,and 0 pay. The state would have forced Robyns ex to pay child support and provide health insurance for his kids. Can TLC, be that stupid to believe other wise? Cody may have them fooled. If he doesn't get a job soon, I think he should be castraided. He is a complete ass and find a real job. My husband had a good job with the government. And we couldn't afford a house over $250,000, but he is buying House's over$600,000. Why cause TLC, paying him to keep his job as a man Who're, that's why.

Dianna Gilmore

kody is a low life and robin too they deserve each other all they care about is there self don't care about the outers

Wanda Perry

I don't know WHY Meri stays Cody made it clear that he does not want to be intimate with her in a comment he made !!! I saw it on the show so why would you want to put up with it ?? she is to good for Cody I hope she will be like Christine and LEAVE !!


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