Michael B. Jordan Joins Girlfriend Lori Harvey's Family for Thanksgiving: 'We Start Eating Early'


Cover picture for the articleMichael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are getting into the Thanksgiving spirit. On Instagram, Harvey gave fans a look at the delicious Thanksgiving spread — including mac and cheese, cornbread, turkey, salmon, potato gratin, spaghetti and more — as she poked fun of her boyfriend as he tried the...

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Debra Bond

Jordan I mean the girl is pretty but she went with diddy and his son at the same time that's no good dude, I think that you should find somebody that's more like not to fast ok.


I've have never heard of anybody having spaghetti for Thanksgiving. I'm surprised he wasn't eating his mom best Mac and Cheese, he said his mom makes the best. Well I guess he was shocked about Spaghetti on Thanksgiving. I was just happy to see 👀 RICH PEOPLE eats normal.

Marilyn Johnson

Celebrities, Love Show and Tell Moments! It’s their Kryptonite!😂 Let the couple have Fun! Perhaps, the others Lori dated weren’t right for her; and she found it in Michael. B! He appears to be well grounded and has his head on straight and career driven! Don’t blast Lori, she enjoyed dating different ppl and it’s nothing wrong with that! Perhaps, Michael B is the right one! It appears to be working! Hopefully, the relationship will continue to grow stronger and much success for both! They both are young and chemistry is playing it’s part as well! I think Lori really needed a good man who knows how to treat and respect her; but most of all show her stability in a relationship! Good L🍀CK!


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